Monday, April 8, 2013

Twitter's New Android Redesign is a Huge Improvement

Let's face it, even if you love the third-party apps that connect to Twitter, sooner or later they're all going to be gone. Twitter is making a big push to make it as difficult as possible to have a highly successful third party Twitter client.

They recently implemented a 100,000 token policy. Which means that every dev that has a third party app can only license that out to 100,000 people. With a ceiling like that devs are going to start shying away from creating new and innovating old apps eventually.

That being said, at least Twitter is making an effort to improve on their app. Earlier this week the completely overhauled Android app launched in the Play Store. It's definitely a lot cleaner and much faster than the old app. It allows swiping pages left and right (finally) it cleaned up a lot of the clutter and managed to make it look pretty sweet while they did it.

What do you think of the new Twitter Android app?

I Was Walking Through Brooklyn When Suddenly...Life Size Super Heroes and Marilyn Monroe

I was walking through the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn when I stumbled upon these. I don't know who set these things up outside their house but it's definitely a labor of love. If I can remember exactly where I saw it I'm going to try and make it back for Halloween and Christmas to see what, if anything do with this massive museum of characters.

*sorry for the crappy pics. My Note II likes to blur some of the images if you don't hold it completely still for five minutes after taking the picture.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Phoenix Mayor Lives on Food Stamps for One Week

The mayor took part in a challenge where he had just $29 to spend on food for the entire week.

"So for the past week, I've lived on food stamps or at least the amount of money you get on food stamps," Mayor Stanton said.

With just $29 in his pocket, Mayor Stanton went grocery shopping for a weeks worth of meals.

"I lost a few pounds this week, I'm probably down about four pounds," Mayor Stanton said. "Occasionally I'd have a cup of coffee and skip a meal in order to make it through."

As part of Hunger Awareness Month, the Arizona Community Action Association asked the mayor and others to take the challenge.

"This is a terrible economy, a lot of people are living on food stamps that before were solidly middle class," Mayor Stanton said. "There are a lot who have a job but are significantly underemployed than what they're used to."

Facebook photos showed the mayor shopping. He bought chicken, pasta and Ramen noodles.
With a final bill of $28.30, he said he was barely able to meet his minimal nutritional needs.

"Really, what I had to give up and what I'm used to is the stuff that I love. Sorbet, ice cream, potato chips--none of that," Mayor Stanton said.


Dollar Shave Club Commercial

Advertising like this actually makes me want to use their product. Not to mention it legitimately sounds like a pretty decent deal.